About Me

So, what I'm "fixing with glue" is me (I'm a lifelong Bagpuss fan rather than intending to perform field surgery). I've already lost slightly over three and a half stone this year (50.5 pounds, to be exact) and I've a not-dissimilar amount still to go and I'm in the process of improving the rest of my life along with my diet.

The eating plan I'm following is from Slimming World (who I highly reccomend) and while the plan is protected by copyright, my recipies and menus aren't so I'll be sharing them here.

I've got the eating side of things down but I'm working on giving my healthy, well groomed, self a clean, comfortable and soothing place to rest, so I'll be blogging about my attempts at exercise, beauty routines and decluttering, too.

I'm 35, single, scottish, geeky and proud of all of these things and I'm pretty sure I'm just yelling into the void at the moment, so if I'm not I'd love to hear you echo back ;).