Jump, Jump?

I'm wearing reclaimed jeans today - they've made it through 3 house moves (including 9 months in storage) over about twelve years and I haven't fitted into them for any of that. I'm pretty sure I've wasted enough money on them that I could have just got rid of them right back at the start and replaced them with new ones and come out even, but anyway, I hauled them about, stored them and am now wearing them comfortably (yay, go me). I will not be wearing them again.

This morning's been an exercise in being hit around the head with a cluebat imprinted with the words "jeans go out of style" every single time I catch a glimpse of myself in a window. They are not flattering, there is a lot of extra fabric around my legs, the waist band seems strangely deep, and most of all I feel like I'm auditioning to be in a Kriss Kross video (I did, at least, manage to put my jeans on the right way round).

They're in really good nick, so they should definitely be in the donate pile but I can't help feeling that inflicting these jeans on anyone else would be a bit karmically unfortunate.

I've kept a lot of clothes that I've been too fat for. It's been useful - 50lbs in seven months is a lot to lose and it would have been a frustrating exercise in buying new clothes to see me fleetingly through a stage and discard, but I'm definitely getting to a stage now where I'm back into the 90s of hopeful clothing (things I bought but never fitted into) rather than more recent, less dated things.

It isexpensive to keep buying a new wardrobe, however, so I'm going to have to keep on wearing things that make me look like a relic from the decade of hypercolor t-shirts or that are 4 sizes too big and make me look like I'm wearing a bag. I'm aiming on emerging, swan-like, from this shell of satorial distress in some lovely (regularly re-worn) fitted outfit once I get down to target (I am dreaming of it, in fact) and in the meantime I'll just make the best of things (I suspect I may need to rethink my dressing to include more skirts as they're less obviously baggy when worn with tights that do actually fit).

The Kriss Kross jeans are still going as soon as I get home though.

One thought on “Jump, Jump?”

  1. Hey, came over from Small Notebook and reading your wee archive here.

    Totally relate to this post. My weight went up a stone per year at uni, came back down the four stone when I left uni, crept up a stone after I got married, another four stone on when I had three babies in a row, lost three stone after the third but piled those stones back on when I fell pregnant with the fourth. (I blame the pregnancies but, really, it was the Ben and Jerry's that I ate without restraint...)
    You get the picture - also of my varying wardrobe.

    Anyway, I've shifted a couple of stone and I'm back into some pre-pregnancy clothes but they just. don't. look. quite. right. Not so weird that they are obviously from almost a decade ago. The weight is going back down but my shape has... changed (is the kindest way I can put it!)

    Sounds like you're undergoing a bit of a life overhaul at the moment - kudos to you.

    OK, off to read the rest of your archives. I sort of feel like I'm eavesdropping but I'm honestly just so chuffed to see a Scottish blogger who is decluttering life and body (saw your link to orgjunkie too - love that site as well.)
    (Scotland) (Which seems superfluous but I'm so used to signing comments like that!)

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