You Are Awesome.

Hi *waves* *taps on computer screen*. Yes, you, the lovely person reading this post right now.

No, look, stop it with that "she's not talking to me, she means someone else bollocks." I mean you. Why in the hell wouldn't I mean you?

You're beautiful and the fact you exist makes the world a better place to be.

Today the fact you're alive has made someone else happy. Maybe they read a comment you left on a post of theirs, maybe you clicked their youtube video and upped their count, maybe you smiled at them on the train, maybe you bought something from their shop and helped them achieve their target for today, maybe you said thank you when no one else had, maybe you held a door for them on a day when nothing else had gone right.

You matter, even on days when you don't think you do and to people you don't even know. And yes, some of those things "anyone" could have done. "Anyone" didn't. You did. You're awesome.

You're smart and funny and lovely and different from me or anyone else and that's brilliant, you make life interesting because you like different things for different reasons - and the best part of being an adult in a free society is that we can all be right, all at the same time.

Thank you for being you. You're awesome.

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