New blog, new me?

So, what I'm "fixing with glue" is me (I'm a lifelong Bagpuss fan rather than intending to perform field surgery). I've already lost slightly over three and a half stone this year (50.5 pounds, to be exact) and I've a not-dissimilar amount still to go and I'm turning into a bit of a diet bore to those around me (I'm excited about these changes in my life, but it's a little dull if you're not interested in doing the same).

The eating plan I'm following is from Slimming World (who I highly reccomend) and while the plan is protected by copyright, my recipies and menus aren't so I'll be sharing them here.

I've got the eating side of things down (I love to cook and love the way that the plan makes me feel) but I'm rotten at exercising and not so good at pampering myself, either (I'm too lazy to body buff, let alone go to a gym!), so I'll be blogging my attempts at getting good habits there, too.

One thought on “New blog, new me?”

  1. OK, that's me finished my mini-stalk into someone else's life (worked my way back through the archive).
    Totally impressed with your positive action this year - quite inspiring. Makes me realise that, if I want to lose that other couple of stone, I just have to, well, do it...

    Karen (Scotland)

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