Wobbling Away?

In an attempt to tone up a bit (without having to go to a gym, which I'm at least 3 stone off feeling comfortable at) and a bid not to have to shred again (I will, it works and then some, but it's hard work and I'm lazy!) I went to try out FLABeLOS last night.

There's a local tanning salon (which I wouldn't have ventured into, otherwise, because I'm paler than milk and the sun really doesn't like me at all) which offers ten minute sessions (the length of time advised per day) at £4 a pop (or a week for £10 and some other amount per month) and is currently doing a special offer of £4 for a week so it seemed cheap enough to give it a whirl.

It's weird - and isn't just a case of standing and wobbling, although it definitely is a lazy option and I don't expect any kind of miracle results from it.

It's not horrifically unpleasant - feeling the fat on your back move is odd, but you quickly get used to it - and it is very fast. I'm definitely aware of the muscles in my behind today and a little in my lower stomach (GOOD!) and even if it is total rubbish I am at least getting the exercise walking up there and back... I intend to go back tonight anyway, and when I can fit it in over the weekend. After that I shall see.

One thought on “Wobbling Away?”

  1. This totally makes me laugh! Yeah, standing wobbling for ten minutes is worth a try in my books too.
    All my friends seem to have taken up running (including my husband) and they all love it. It's so ENERGISING and it just CLEARS your MIND and it just gets rid of that SLUGGISH feeling , you know...
    No, I don't know and I can't remotely relate to the urge to run hell-for-leather around our wee town with a bright yellow t-shirt on.
    Maybe I'll reach that place someday but - not yet.

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