Goal Check In

I set my self some goals a couple of weeks ago, so I thought it was time to check in on them.

I've been away for a long weekend on there and that always has the affect of throwing me off track, so there'll be notes...

1.Drink more water.

1.1.Fill my 1 lt bottle every day and drink at least that at my desk (also use at weekends, just for measuring purposes).
I didn't take my bottle away with me and then forgot to fill it for my first day back at work, but other than that I'm on this one really well. I've been bringing my lunch in with me since I started this journey, so adding a bottle to it's not been a huge change, and if it's there I'll drink it more or less without thinking. Mindlessness, finally used to my advantage!

2.Drink less diet coke.

2.1.I feel that I need the caffiene and/or the flavour over just the plain water sometimes (although the caffiene is psycosomatic) so experiment with various fridge teas (rather than aspartamine filled NAS squash) and try hot green teas until I find one I like.
This is DIFFICULT and I'm failing fairly badly at it. I think I need to re-examine what I'm doing and how and maybe approach it a different way. I gave up drinking it before noon for lent, so possibly a time-exclusion is the way to go. Thinking about it, the caffiene definitely affects my sleep, so banning it completely after 1pm is the way to re-approach this.

3.Excercise more.

3.1.Unless it is pouring I will walk my 30minute lunchbreak around the river. It is pretty.
I'm doing well with this one (and even went out in the rain one day!). I find I'm more awake in the afternoons because of it and it's sneakily adding in exercise without having an impact on anything else I'm doing.

3.2.Unless it there is a specific reason why not, I will get the train home to the further away station and walk up the hill.
I'm doing well with this one, too. I argue in my head about it a lot but I'm fairly consistent in getting the other train. As it's faster and leaves 3-5minutes earlier I get home at much the same time and the hill isn't nearly as daunting as it used to be.

3.3.I will find out the times of the trains at the further away station in the morning and time how long it takes me to get there so I can see when I'd need to leave to use that instead. I've failed miserably at this. I am the antithesis of a morning person and I'm working long days at the moment which means an early start, so the thought of it's exhausting. That said, I have similar mental excuses for the return journey and I manage that fine so I do need to work on this. I will make the trip from my house to the station over the weekend and time how long it takes me.

3.4.Investigate "bingo wing busters" on the internet. Done, but they're all things that really need to be combined into a bigger over-all routine - therefore I'm focusing more on doing the 30-day shred, and less on spot-work.

4.Continue with SW

4.1.As I am - keep mixing it up, keep sticking to it.
Same old, same old. I wasn't stellar when I was away (nor was I dreadful, but I haven't yet got the hang of eating out in difficult places). I am very focussed this week and looking into varying my HExBs and Green Days which keeps me well on track.

More ephemeral goals

More groomed. I'm getting there. The foundations aren't bad, but I need to work up to a morning routine to put pretty on top.

Better body skin - if I'm going to wear sleeveless tops and shorts, etc, I need to have skin that's fit for humans. I'm getting much better at slathering on lotion after I've bathed and I'm enjoying the results from that. I'm all soft!

House keeping routine. Ha! Weekend away = routine out the window. That said, all my de-cluttering has made it easier to maintain anyway and I'm pushing towards working into a more organic routine. My house is currently company-ready.

stop wasting all weekend sleeping and slothing. I haven't slept past 9.30 since I started this (and was one of the first up when we were away, too); because I'm exercising more and getting up more consistently I'm sleeping better at night so that helps. That said, I need to keep focussed on this one because it's an irregular, non-routine thing by its very nature. Having a list of things I want to achieve over a weekend is useful to keep me focussed.

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