Goal Setting

I've been thinking a lot recently about what bits of me and my life I'm not delighted with, and given I'm having such success with the weight loss part of improving things (another pound off this week, which totals me at 51.5pounds less than Christmas) I've decided to actively work on other areas, too.

Specifically what I want to achieve:

  • Clearer skin so I look better with no makeup on.

  • Better sleep so I'm not tired all the time and not lying in bed tossing and turning and getting frustrated.

  • Be able to wear sleevless tops without shame.

Steps I'm going to take:
More water, less diet coke, more exercise, continue with SW.

What the steps actually mean:
1.Drink more water.
1.1.Fill my 1 lt bottle every day and drink at least that at my desk (also use at weekends, just for measuring purposes).
2.Drink less diet coke.
2.1.I feel that I need the caffiene and/or the flavour over just the plain water sometimes (although the caffiene is psycosomatic) so experiment with various fridge teas (rather than aspartamine filled NAS squash) and try hot green teas until I find one I like.
3.Excercise more.
3.1.Unless it is pouring I will walk my 30minute lunchbreak around the river. It is pretty.
3.2.Unless it there is a specific reason why not, I will get the train home to the further away station and walk up the hill.
3.3.I will find out the times of the trains at the further away station in the morning and time how long it takes me to get there so I can see when I'd need to leave to use that instead.
3.4.Investigate "bingo wing busters" on the internet.
4.Continue with SW
4.1.As I am - keep mixing it up, keep sticking to it.

More ephemeral goals that I need to think about and develop more to break down into specific goals and actions in future:
  • More groomed.

  • Better body skin - if I'm going to wear sleeveless tops and shorts, etc, I need to have skin that's fit for humans.

  • House keeping routine.

  • stop wasting all weekend sleeping and slothing.

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