Continuing to be a Weeble

I've been back to use the vibrating plate a couple of times, and I'm still not entirely convinced that it's doing as much as it claims (and hour's worth of gym time in 10 minutes. Maybe an hour's worth of standing contemplating activity in a gym or walking slowly on a treadmill) but the walk up there and back is pleasant and I'll see if there's any affect on the scales tonight at class.

I'm incredibly focussed at the moment, which is nice, and I'm attributing my increased mental get-up-and-go (it's yet to materialise into extra exercise or anything, but it has manifested in a much cleaner and tidier house, so I'll take it!) to listening to Jillian Michael's podcasts on the way to and from work (you can subscribe for free on Itunes, and there's free software that will convert the file format to MP3 if you need that for your music player of choice - just google "M4A to MP3 convertor free"). She is very American and a little panicked!hand-knitted!must!be!organic, but most of what she says makes sense and the things that I'm a little sceptical about (that I've then gone on and researched a little more and not found quite the same level of evidence that she has) are not harmful or faddy; the eating and excercise plans that she advocates are healthy and achievable. It's also a really fun listen and quite affirming - and it's free, so go and check it out!

I really do feel that I have a handle on this eating thing (I've been doing it since January after all!) and if I want better, better shaped results I definitely need to up the exercise (and Jillian's making me feel slightly guilty about my sloth!) so I'm committing here and now to 30 minutes a day every day - be it walking, scrubbing the kitchen floor or Jillian's 30 Day Shred (which kills me, but is definitely effective!).

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