Quick Check In

I'm two days into trying to achieve a bunch of new goals, so I thought I'd share how I'm doing.

1.Drink more water. I've taken my litre bottle to work and finished both days
2.Drink less diet coke.. I'm working on substitutes (ice tea, green tea) and I don't hate them. Still on two cans a day though
3.Excercise more. Despite the rain yesterday lunch time, I've yomped around the river both days, walked home from the further station last night AND went for a walk after dinner last night. I still haven't investigated bingo wing busters, but I'm pretty happy with myself.
4.Continue with SW. As always, and I'm the poster child for chicken salad, too.

So far, so good then - SW's a habit now, the water bottle thing is definitely heading towards a habit (I brown bag my lunch every day anyway, so adding the water to that's not been a huge change), but unfortunately the diet coke is also a habit and I'm not sure how to break it. I'm not claiming the exercise to at all be a habit yet, I'll see how I go next week after the routine break of the weekend (and I'll see if I manage to get much in over the weekend - I've big cleaning goals so I suspect there'll be some involved in that, if nothing else!).

I haven't renewed my FLABeLOS subscription (it expired yesterday) and I'm probably not going to - or not yet, anyway - I'm still too big for incremental tightening of the muscles underneath the fat to look any different and I developed a really sore back that I can't help feeling was connected as I didn't go last night and it hasn't been sore. I might give it a whirl again when I've lost a bit more and when the weather's not so good for long walks.

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