Menu Planning w/c 27/07/11

I'm probably going to run my weeks Tuesday (WI day) to Monday, but I'll see what works.

Wednesday Green
Lunch: Quorn Bolognese (freezer)
Dinner: SW Chips, baked beans & Cheese with pickled onions (start beany chilli. Freeze all but one portion)

Thursday Green
Lunch: Quorn Mexican Rice (freezer)
Dinner: Beany Chilli topped with cheese (Also make veggie fried rice for lunch tommorrow)

Friday Green
Lunch: Veggie Fried Rice(cooked last night)
Dinner: Beany Chilli & cheese

Saturday Red
Lunch: Out @ Wetherspoons Pub (I have a list of meals)
Dinner: Take Away (Prob chicken kebab, no bread, no sauce)

Sunday Green
Brunch: Scrambled Egg & Beans (w/pancakes & bacon for guests)
Dinner: Beany Chilli & Cheese (w/Chinese for guests)

Monday Red
Lunch: Chicken Salad
Dinner: Out at Yo!Sushi

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  1. lol! I guess your weeks run Tues - Mon becasue of your SW class? I used to be so thankful that my WW class was on a Sunday so my menu week could still start on a Monday. My head feels all squint if I start a week on any other day...

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