It's Thursday AGAIN?! (Thursday is Treat Day)

It really doesn't seem like a week since my last Treat Day, but I've made it through the majority of the week (and this week has been bizarrely hard - I'm really physically tired even though I'm quite mentally peppy) with just friday to go before the freedom of the weekend (and this weekend I really AM free, no visitors, just meeting a friend for lunch on saturday and a fun afternoon planned with them then NADA for the rest of the time).

So, because it's thursday I need to work out how I'm treating myself. It's rainy and a bit chilly so something bath-related sounds really good and I do have another facemask that I really ought to use before it becomes dried out and useless so I think I'll be doing much the same as last week although this week's mask isn't chocolate (boo!) and I think I'll add a hair mask into the mix (the rain's pushed the humidity right up and my hair looks like fuzzy straw).

Mmmh, I'm looking forward to it already (please, dear invisible, imaginary visitors, tell me how you're treating yourself this week).

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