Thinking Up a Treat (Thursdays are Treat Days)

Most of what I'm working towards (and blogging about) is really focussing on treating myself better - feeding me the right nutrients, giving my heart some exercise, giving my head a clean and organised place to rest - but it doesn't factor in anything special so to try and counter that Thursday is Treat Day (because I've nearly made it through the week but I've still got Friday to go!).

Last week's manicure was fun but I didn't remember to do it until quite late on in the evening and then I had to wait for it to dry so I could go to bed. I'm tired this week and I have a lot to get done in preparation for this week's visitors so I'm picking something a little less time intensive - a facemask in the bath. I have a lovely chocolate one waiting in a sachet in the bathroom cupboard (re-discovered when I decluttered that space and still good) and if I add some of my nearly-gone christmas bathbomb (I chop them up when I get them, one really doesn't need all of it and I find the more dilute version is better for my skin) I'll have a lovely-smelling treaty bathtime.

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