Menu Plan Monday, W/C 09/08/2011

I'm really liking this menu planning thing - it's starting to feel that I may even use up some of the things that have been lurking around my cupboards forever. I'm linking this plan up, so for anyone who's come over and is wondering about the red/green/EE thing: I follow a Slimming World eating plan which limits carbs on red, meat on green and fat & sugar on all three and focusses on filling up on fruit, veg and low fat dairy foods prepared from scratch.

I did tweak a little bit last week because I just wasn't as organised with the making of things as I wanted (and because I discovered that I had an extra portion of beany chilli in the freezer) so the tweaks were:

Wednesday lunch was beany chilli
Thursday lunch was savoury rice
Saturday became a green day and dinner was baked potatoes,beans and cheese (yummy and cosy on a rainy day)
Sunday lunch was quorn bolognese and dinner was quiche and noodles.
Today's lunch will be mexican rice and dinner will be quorn bolognese (and I must finally MAKE BEANY CHILLI!)

Some of the changes were due to having guests, some were due to not really planning properly to use things up (some of that was due to having guests and not being able to assemble for the freezer I don't have a lot of lessons learned for this week I don't think. Quorn is very useful as it's both much healthier than regular mince (hamburger) and it's "day neutral" on my plan because it's free on both red and green days and I very much enjoyed the quiche/fritatta thing both hot and cold. I'll either find a recipe online or post one for the quiche/fritatta just as soon as I decide which it is...

Tuesday: EE
Lunch Chicken Salad (use up pomegranite seeds)
Dinner Noodles and a treat (MAKE RICE)

Wednesday: Green
Lunch Beany Chilli & Rice
Dinner SW chips (I use frylight spray, not oil. Palm would also work), cheese, beans & pickles

Thursday: Green
Lunch Beany Chilli (no rice)
Dinner Veggie Rice Stirfry (MAKE DOUBLE)

Friday: Green
Lunch veggie Rice Stirfry
Dinner Chicken Carbonara (Chicken as HExB)

Saturday: Red
Lunch Scrambled Egg & Bacon
Dinner Fish, roast carrots & Steamed Veggies

Sunday: Red
Lunch Cheese & bacon Omlette
Dinner Pork, roast carrots & Steamed veggies

Monday: Red
Lunch Chicken Salad
Dinner Pork, roast carrots & Steamed veggies

I've linked this post up at

What I need to buy to make this plan work: veggies for steaming and veggie rice & carbonara. Potatoes. Small tomatoes , feta cheese and eggs.
What I also need to buy: Milk and fuit.

What I need to use up: I don't know (this is bad...) I need to inventory my fridge, freezer and vegetable rack.

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