Menu Plan Monday (for w/c 02/08/11)

How, exactly, did it come to be August already? I swear it'll be Christmas before I get a chance to blink.

Anyway, I enjoyed my menu planning for last week (even though it wasn't for a full week) - it gave me a level of control and meant I was doing my thinking at a time when I had a little brain to do it, rather than forgetting to do it, eating noodles and having to buy lunch (expensively) on the way into work.

I did tweak it (and the post) a lot, and I'm annoyed now that I didn't keep a note of the original. This week, therefore, I'll keep anything I edit in this post so I can compare next week! I suspect there will be editing, as I've got a friend coming to stay over the weekend and into next week, but I'll speak to her and see what she thinks of the food before I buy the bits and pieces I don't have.

Last Week's menu high points: Saturday's lunch at Wetherspoons was lovely; I checked the menu before hand and made up a wee list of possible options (that's now living in my purse) and can highly reccomend the superfood salad (without the dressing, which I had to the side and which smelled very sharp) - I'm going to try to replicate it at home (as far as I can be bothered...). Friday's lunch of veggie fried rice; it nuked like a dream and was very filling and so easy to assemble the night before with the frozen veg.

Last Week's menu failures: None, really. I tend to repeat a lot of meals because I don't have enough freezer space to sensibly work with to keep things for longer, but it's not terrible as long as I'm not eating the same thing twice in the same day.

I'm going to link this plan up later, and for those that aren't Slimming World people, green just means it's a veggie day and Red is a limited carb day. For being on an eating plan I eat remarkably normally. The instructions in parentheses are really reminders for me, so I get things done for the next day's food whilst I'm in the kitchen (if I can find a clearer way of doing that, I'll change it next week, but basically those notes are what go up onto the white board on my fridge of an evening).

Tuesday: Green
Lunch Beany Chilli (From the Freezer)
Dinner Noodles and a treat (I'm usually so late home from class that I could eat my own arm and I LIKE noodles now and again. MAKE SAVOURY RICE UP & BOIL RICE FOR TOMMORROW'S DINNER & MEXICAN RICE)

Wednesday: Green
Lunch Savoury Rice (made last night, cold)
Dinner Veggie Fried Rice (MAKE quorn bolognese & Mexican Rice - which is the bolognese with more spices&peppers mixed through brown rice)

Thursday: Green
Lunch Mexican Rice (BUY BEANS)
Dinner SW chips (except I use frylight, not oil. Palm spray would be good), cheese, beans & pickles

Friday: Green
Lunch Quorn Bolognese
Dinner SW Quiche (make day neutral)

Saturday: Red
Lunch SW Quiche
Dinner Chicken Curry (Will have visitors, start BEANY CHILLI at same time)

Sunday: Green
Lunch Pasta Salad (Tuna as HexB)
Dinner Beany Chilli

Monday: Green
Lunch Beany Chilli
Dinner Macaroni Cheese (FIND SW RECIPE)

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