Noting Achievements

I've been working away at some things (in amongst having a kidney infection and gallivanting around the country with visiting friends) so I thought I'd revisit my list of bigger projects. Apologies for the two posts in one day - I promise not to have a dearth of posts I need to make up for again (unless I get another kidney infection, in which case all bets are off).

Unframing all my signed convention pictures. Done, and half the frames are now off to the charity shop (they're heavy!). I need to sort out my newer pictures now, too - they're waiting in a little project "to do" pile that I can do in front of the T.V..

Going through the stuff in the bottom of the spare room closet Half done - it's all out the cupboard and that's now resorted to how it will be, and I've got a box with a couple of things I still need to find homes for (I think the homes will end up being in places I haven't yet sorted out).

Going through my present drawer
Done, ish. I'm going to make a real effort to use the things in there and re-visit it again after Christmas

Removing Aged paperwork
Not started. I can do this one incrementally, but it feels like an enormous and slightly annoying job to start so I haven't.

Re-clearing my wardrobe
Done. I do, however, need to do it again because my shape's totally changed and I need to take that into better account - I've had rather too many encounters with things I've tried on and thought were good that then proved annoying when I was actually wearing them (when I have run across clothes like that I wash them and add them to the getting-rid pile so it is incrementally improving, however I really need to Gok myself and avoid having that kind of mild irritation in my day altogether).

Cataloguing the contents of my freezer
Sort-of done. I've certainly emptied it a lot more, which makes it easier to have a running total of what's in there.

Computer related decluttering
I need to have a real think about what I need to do and list it out.

So, not bad, all in all, enough that I feel that I've achieved something (and I've also improved my bookshelf organisation a bit whilst I've been at it) and some things that I can just pick up and go with when I want to do more but don't want to think about it.

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